Monday, November 29, 2004

First Dose

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my weblog. I must say a few things before I begin in earnest.

First, my friend Mike Ryan (The Fictioneer, inspired me to create it. Read his before you read mine. He is a great writer who deserves more readers, and is one of my favorite people.

Second, this is strictly personal. Nothing I write represents the views of anyone else or any organization. I am writing to be more present for my friends and family, and to give acquaintances and strangers alike the chance to engage in dialog with me, if they like.

Third, this blog will explore controversial topics. I hope we pursue a healthy dialog in the responses to my blog entries. I ask that we explore our differences with good will toward one another. Let each of us agree that when we disagree passionately, as we will at times, we will question politely rather than accuse or condemn. Well intentioned, well-informed people can and will disagree about surprising things, and none of us knows which of the things we believe is true and which false. If we are not too hasty to judge, if we take the time to listen to each other and come to understand why each of us believes as we do, we can build a friendly dialog to the benefit of everyone involved. In an increasingly angry world, Dear Reader, that is all too rare but worth the effort.

Sincerely yours,

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Anonymous said...

Like the title!