Saturday, April 28, 2007

True words aren't beautiful

Dear reader,

One last verse, 81, from Red Pine's Lao Tzu's Taoteching:

True words aren't beautiful
beautiful words aren't true
the good aren't eloquent
the eloquent aren't good
the wise aren't learned
the learned aren't wise
the sage accumulates nothing
but the more he does for others
the greater his existence
the more he gives to others
the greater his abundance
the Way of Heaven
is to help without harming
the Way of the sage
is to act without struggling

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

sounds like giberish to me

Johnny Ringo said...

Hmmm....gibberish is one thing, giberish is another.
Giberish devolves from 7th dimensional perception which is only attained through peaceful application of intelligence and 12-tone harmony, and limned by the golden eyes of Occam's cat, Razor. As for gibberish---mere mimosis and a regolith of failed dreams.

YRs faithfully, Johnny Ringo