Thursday, May 04, 2006

Colloidal Silver

Dear Reader,

I'm very tired today, but making progress against the bronchitis.

Until this morning, each day I woke with more congestion than the day before and more infection as measured by the deepening color, and longer and more exhausting process of clearing my nose, throat, and lungs before the day could begin. Last night was the first time I got the sinus flooding procedure with the colloidal silver right, and this morning I woke with dramatically less congestion, color, and time to get clear. I had nothing in my lungs at all when I awoke, as opposed to the hour and a half of coughing it took yesterday to get clear. My sinuses were not clear yet when I awoke, so I'm not done, but it only took me a half hour to get clear, so this morning was quite a reversal in the right direction.

Yours truly,

Postscript: Here is another informative website on colloidal silver; I particularly like their article about argyria. These writers do not share the disdain for ionic silver of the authors of the Purest Colloids website, but since both agree on the efficacy of the true colloidal form, I'm still satisfied with my choice of experiments. I am not recommending any of these colloidal-silver resources as factual, just better-than-average grist for your colloidal-silver mill.

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