Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Medical Independence

Dear Reader,

Today I began treating myself with colloidal silver, a universal antibiotic with no negative side effects (despite misinformation propagated by the FDA about a condition called argyria, which is caused by silver protein compounds or ionic silver but not by true colloidal silver), effective against most single-celled pathogens and to which they cannot develop immunity. In an era when the antibiotic industry is facing its end in resistant strains of pathogens created by the use and misuse of those very drugs, the once well known properties of silver ought to be front-page news, yet the medical industry remains strangely mute. Could the FDA's willful disregard for the truth about colloidal silver have more to do with its unpatentability? Here in a nutshell is the tug of war between profit and health.

The FDA would prefer to regulate all potentially healthful nutritionally based treatments, banning any it has not approved. It argues that we need this protection because we the patients are too stupid to care for ourselves. Patients are portrayed as superstitious children easily duped by snake-oil salesmen. We are to believe that patients need parents, and the drug companies and their favored government agencies are volunteering for the job. That this industry is so profitable that it is strangling the American economy is not supposed to matter to us. If we are afraid enough, maybe we will pay any price--even national bankruptcy--to be coddled like children.

The analogy I see is to the days when people were considered too stupid to have their own relationship with God, when the Bible had to be kept in Latin--not in the vernacular of the people--to ensure they could not read it for themselves, that they could only approach God through intermediaries. So, too, we are not to approach health except through the sacred intermediaries of an industry that not too long ago tortured the mentally ill, denied the existence of allergies, and treated a whole range of gynecological problems by extracting women's reproductive organs. Today, medical error is among the top five causes of death in America, a staggering, shameful number--comparable to the days of leeches, bleeding, and bonesaws--yet the industry's response is to attack alternative medicine because it might be harmful! I believe Jesus had some advice for those obsessed with the faults of others. That's a Hell of a beam in the medical industry's eye. Let it clean its own house before it worries about its neighbors.

If anyone is going to experiment on me in the quest to make me healthy, let it be me. At least I have the correct vested interest in the outcome--health rather than profit or ideological correctness.

I will let you know how my experiments with colloidal silver proceed, for better or worse.

Yours truly,

PS: If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of colloidal silver, spend your time researching it, because misinformation by opponents and supporters dominates the Internet. Try here and here to start, then contrast what the FDA, Quackbusters, and other supposedly neutral organizations have to say.

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